Mixed media works, August 1 through September 30

Curated by Jeff Redmon

Jim imagines a distant future reaching back to communicate with us in present day. Utilizing plaster, found objects, collage elements, photocopies, old photographs, acrylic paint, random metal screening as well as layered paper and industrial stamps, Jim tries to elicit an emotional reaction with what appears to be a communication (or miscommunication) from another time. He is as moved by texture and parallax as he is by line and color. The work at Sabrosa is the outcome of the last two years of intense exploration in the studio. When he is not making art in his garage studio he is playing guitar with the band Indonesian Junk.

Past Exhibitions

The following artists have had solo exhibitions at Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery

Timothy Abler, Photography, A Salvatorian Monastery

Adam Ithier, Pen & ink drawings

Dena Nord, Painting, Surprise, Restructure, Explore, Resolve

Jeff Redmon, Painting