THEA KOVAC, Hanging Gardens

April 8 - June  2

Hanging Gardens, a new collection of watercolors, brings together two very different versions of Kovac's artistic relationship with natural places. 

In the series A World Before Paisley large vertical format watercolors reveal an enchanted greenhouse world of dramatic shapes, bold color, and flat patterned space where the familiar is strange and the ordinary becomes exotic.

Dreams of Field, a suite of small square watercolors on clay board, are portals to expansive landscapes rippling with the shapes, contours and energy of organic growing things. 

Thea Kovac is a Milwaukee-based visual artist, poet, and independent art educator who calls her artistic practice The Lost Playground Studio. She paints vivid watercolor and acrylic paintings for public consumption, writes poetry for herself, holds artist residencies in schools and businesses, teaches classes in private and public settings, and hosts Palette Parties for family and business celebrations. 




Eddee Daniel, Photography

Alverno College Printmaking Students, A Story of Herbs & Spices

Gabriel Sanchez, Painting


Sharon Mergener, Painting

Dara Larson, Drawing

Jim Farrell, Mixed-media works

Dena Nord, Painting, Surprise, Restructure, Explore, Resolve

Adam Ithier, Pen & ink drawings

Jeff Redmon, Painting


Timothy Abler, Photography, A Salvatorian Monastery


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Interested in showing your work at Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery?

 We are currently accepting proposals for solo exhibitions.  

The Gallery

There are three large walls (16', 12', and 19') with studs spaced every foot to hang your work. There are outlets available for video pieces. Numerous track lighting fixtures can light your pieces to your desire. 

What We Offer

Each artist gets a two-month exhibition in our gallery. Toward the beginning of the exhibition Sabrosa hosts a special art opening event on a Monday evening called Sabrosa After Dark. The event features a meet-and-greet with the artist, a keynote speech by the artist, live music, a wine tasting, and small plates and cocktails served by Sabrosa's staff. 

Proposal Requirements

Proposals for shows in our gallery will include the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 18 pieces ready to hang or display
  • A detailed concept of the show including a title (if practical), artist's statement about the philosophy and intent of the show, retail prices of each work, and photos of each work (links to online portfolios are acceptable)
  • Resume (PDF or link to online resume)

Financial & Liability Information

Sabrosa takes a 15% commission for works sold during exhibition in our gallery. Any pieces sold during the exhibition will remain in the gallery until the conclusion of the exhibition, unless suitable arrangements can be made for substitute pieces. All work is displayed at your risk. While the probability of damage occurring is extremely unlikely, we do recommend that your pieces are insured, listing Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery as a rider on your policy.

How to Make Your Proposal

Send an email with all of the proposal requirements listed above to Frank Sanchez at info /at/ sabrosa dot cafe with the subject ARTIST PROPOSAL: (Your Name). If you prefer to mail your proposal, our address is 3216 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee WI 53207.